Review of "Guardians of the Galaxy": a strange gem

My opinion on the latest Marvel team-up of bizarre superheroes.

guardians of the galaxy 2014 poster

Yesterday I went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D. A film that, I must admit, I knew absolutely nothing about before I saw it. I went to the cinema because it was recommended to me, but I hadn’t seen the trailers (I haven’t watched TV or frequented YouTube in years) nor had I any idea of its plot. After a little search on the Internet, I learned that it’s a somewhat unknown group of Marvel superheroes, but I didn’t want to find out more to avoid spoilers, so I invited a friend and we went to see it.

I think it was great to have gone with such low expectations because the entire movie was like a trip into the unknown. It’s an excellent movie in every way. It has fast-paced action scenes that exploit 3D very well. It has charismatic characters (I can see the Groot and Rocket mania coming). It even has a small dose of violence more typical of more “serious” films, although there’s nothing to be scandalized about either (it’s still perfect for people of all ages). It has sad, deep, romantic scenes, and above all, cheeky humor throughout the script (I hadn’t laughed so much in a movie for a long time).

But without a doubt what I liked the most about the film is that it’s very original. Everything about it is weird, starting with the group of characters (the X-Men are so ordinary compared to these), the designs of the spaceships, the technology, the environments, the type of humor they use… everything gives you the feeling of watching something completely different from any superhero or space movie you’ve ever seen before.

As if that wasn’t enough, all of the above is amalgamated with an intelligent, agile story, and with its necessary dose of unexpected twists.

It’s surely one of the most outstanding films of the year, so if you’re still hesitating to go see it, you’re missing out the spectacle. Watch it in 3D, and stay around after the credits, because there’s a little surprise awaiting. 😉

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