Get up to 19 GB of storage for free on Dropbox

Increase the storage space of your Dropbox account for free with these simple steps.

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Even the best services have their flaws, and the main one that one can find on Dropbox is surely its storage capacity: the free version provides only 2 GB of space for files, and although it has paid options with which you can increase it to up to 50 or 100 GB, the truth is that they’re quite expensive (they cost much more than a shared hosting with unlimited storage).

However, Dropbox itself provides some methods to increase storage space for free. Now I’ll show you two of them that in combination will allow you to increase the capacity of your account to almost 19 GB.

  1. 6 simple tasks

    Dropbox rewards you if you make them known to your friends and help them improve, that’s why they launched a program in which by performing six simple tasks, such as connecting your account with Facebook and Twitter or sending them your opinion about the service, they’ll give you more and more space. They’re really very simple tasks that don’t take more than a few seconds, and for each one you perform they’ll increase your storage by 128 MB, so after performing them all you’ll have gotten 768 extra MB.

    To perform these tasks follow this link: https://www.dropbox.com/free

  2. Use an email address ending in .edu

    You probably know the referral system Dropbox has. It’s about inviting more people to download the software through a special link that Dropbox itself provides you. For each person who opens an account and installs the program following your link, Dropbox will give you an extra 250 MB of storage, up to a limit of 8 GB.

    However, a little known trick is that if you confirm your account with an email ending in .edu, instead of giving you 250 MB for each invited friend, they’ll give you 500 MB, so the limit is doubled and you can get up to 16 GB in total… sure, that’s if you get 32 ​​people to install the program (500 MB x 32 people = 16 GB).

    Just go with the system administrator of the university or school where you study and ask them to give you an email account with the domain of the institution, and once you have it, access the following link to confirm it: https://www.dropbox.com/edu

As you can see, once you’ve done all this, your Dropbox storage space will be at almost 19 GB: 2 GB of normal space + 768 MB for performing the six tasks + 16 GB of .edu mail = 18.75 GB.

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