Holophonics: 3D sounds

Listen to binaural recordings, the audio equivalent of holograms.


Holophonics is the equivalent of holograms but in sound. It’s created by recording the audio sequences independently for each ear, and then they’re combined, resulting in a surround sound that surprisingly mimics real sounds… but why talk about this if you can check it yourself, by listening to this recording of a barber who, while cutting your hair, explains the process of creating the holophonics.

Virtual Barber Shop

In order for this to work you must use headphones and close your eyes.

How did you react to hearing it?

Below you have more holophonics to listen to:


Woman whispering

Hair dryer



Water mill




Update 09/23/20: This post was originally published on my old WordPress blog. I’ve tried to restore it how it was; however, some sources of the files are missing and I haven’t been able to locate them. If someone knows the origin of any of the unlinked files, please let me know so I can credit them appropriately.

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